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Our SAP Practice is all about talent and our knowledge base. AES Group's clients have enjoyed the tremendous flexibility, quality and speed of our Staffing Services. Our Fortune 500, mid market and small business clients characterize our Solutions Practice as creative, innovative and highly effective. AES Group helps ensure our clients optimize the performance of SAP.

Our SAP practice focuses on an Organizational Ecosystem that is people centric. We believe that the core processes of an organization – the structure, the decision making process, rewards, development and information flow should be such that they should help achieve the major strategies of the organization. These strategies in turn should serve the mission and vision – the core values of the organization. The core values in turn should be such that they serve the needs of various stakeholders in the organization – clients, shareholders, management and employees. The Key Stake holders in turn will work towards a set of results that will determine the culture of the organization, which will in turn determine the core processes.
SAP Practice